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This tool will help you to organize product groupings for different clients, for your favorites or to group them to look at later. As you are browsing the site, add an item from either Leed's or Bullet or both companies to the list by clicking the + sign. The list of items will always be available at the top of the page no matter where you navigate to in the PCNA site.

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Once you've added all the products you'd like, there are several actions you can take. These lists provide you the opportunity to store, compare and share items that you've selected.

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Customer Service Questions

US Customers Contact: customerservice@leedsworld.com
International Customers Contact: international@leedsworld.com

Becoming a Qualified Promotional Products Distributor

If you are interested in becoming a qualified promotional products distributor, you can contact either or both organizations for membership information.

Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)
Bucks County Technology Park
4800 Streets Road
Trevose, PA 19053
phone: 215-942-8600
website: www.asicentral.com

Promotional Products Association International (PPAI)
3125 Skyway Circle North
Irving, TX 75038
phone: 888-I-AM-PPAI
website: www.ppai.org

Promotional Products Professionals of Canada (PPPC)
455 Fenelon Blvd., Suite 202
Dorval, Québec,
H9S 5T8
Tel (US): 866-450-7722

Tel (CDN): 514-489-5359
Fax: 514-489-7760
Toll free fax: 800-489-8741
Our central E-mail address is: info@pppc.ca. ​​​​​